TestDriven.NET Keyboard Shortcuts

I’m so sick of Ctrl+Tab’ing back to my test file, finding the test I want to run, right-clicking it with the mouse, and selecting Run Test(s) or Test With.

How come nobody told me that TestDriven.NET came with keyboard shortcuts? They have to be manually mapped, but once I did that, I’ve found them indispensible.

  • Alt+1 : TestDriven.NET.RunTests
  • Alt+2 : TestDriven.NET.RerunWithDefault
  • Alt+3 : TestDriven.NET.Debugger
  • Alt+4 : TestDriven.NET.RerunWithDebugger

I especially love the two shortcuts that repeat the most recent test run for me. Yeah, I know you can right-click in any file and select Repeat Test Run, but if I want to alternate between running inside or outside the debugger, I have to go find the test again. With my shortcuts, I can just hit Alt+2 or Alt+4 no matter where I am.

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